Abbey DLD students in science class

International Foundation Programme Results 2020

13th July 20

Abbey DLD International Foundation Programme results 2020

This year our Foundation students have much to be proud of, achieving an impressive set of results across all pathways and at all colleges.

The average foundation score achieved by Abbey DLD students this year stands at an amazing 73%, a score that would enable progression to a wide range of  undergraduate course at prestigious UK institutions such as Durham University, the University of Leeds, University of Birmingham, Exeter University, and the University of Surrey.

Each of our colleges have also been celebrating average scores over 70%. The average score at Abbey College Cambridge was 75%, at DLD College London it was 72%, and at Abbey College Manchester 71%, a mark of the quality of foundation programme delivered by all three of our Abbey DLD Colleges.

Here is the full breakdown of International Foundation Programme average scores by college and pathway:

Abbey College Cambridge

  • Overall average foundation score: 75%
  • Business pathway average score: 75%
  • Engineering pathway average score: 74%
  • Humanities pathway average score: 64%
  • Medicine/Science pathway average score: 79%

DLD College London

  • Overall average foundation score: 72%
  • Business & Economics pathway average score: 72%
  • Engineering pathway average score: 78%
  • Fashion Management pathway average score: 66%
  • Mathematics & Economics pathway average score: 80%
  • Music pathway average score: 66%

Abbey College Manchester 

  • Overall average foundation  score: 71%
  • Business pathway average score: 70%
  • Creative Arts pathway average score: 66%
  • Engineering pathway average score: 73%
  • Humanities pathway average score: 72%
  • Medicine pathway average score: 72%
  • Science pathway average score: 64%

For more information about our foundation programme, visit our college websites: Abbey College Cambridge, DLD College London, Abbey College Manchester.