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How to prepare for a top UK university

16th January 24

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A good school in the UK will support your aim of progressing to a top university. However, choosing a school in the UK is not an easy task. If you want your child to attend a good school and be well prepared for university, you need to choose your school carefully and research what specific schools offer to help you to succeed. This is especially important if your ultimate dream is to enter one of the top 5 universities (Oxford, Cambridge, The London School of Economics and Political Science, University College London, Imperial College London) or to study Medicine in the UK.

A good school will offer additional training in areas such as applications, entrance exams, essay and test writing, additional qualifications and admission interviews. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the schools’ strategy. Let’s take Abbey DLD Group of Colleges as an example:

The Abbey DLD Group of Colleges’ Strategy

  • Individual approach and work and study plan for each student, taking into account their abilities. Without planning there will be no success; learning cannot be left to chance. That’s why we have a plan for every student!
  • Constantly tracking academic performance. Students receive specific recommendations to help them organise their studies.
  • Emphasis on academic achievement – schools do everything possible to prepare for successful exams but to enter a top university it is very important that students study subjects in more depth than the compulsory curriculum. For example, Abbey College Cambridge offers a unique Pre-Degree Diploma program, and at DLD College London, students achieve excellent results by participating in the EPQ – Extended Project Qualification programme. The EPQ programme is highly valued by leading universities due to the high level of academic preparation and independent study of students. It allows self-motivated students to create and plan their own research project and complete it independently under the direct, hands-on guidance of a teacher. This programme also introduces students to university style research in preparation for their degree.

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  • Active participation in subject Olympiads is another important component of our strategy. These events stimulate in-depth study of the discipline and allow students to express themselves. Our students show excellent results and have been awarded gold and silver medals at international competitions, which indicates a high level of knowledge and preparation.

Visit Page: Abbey College Cambridge Olympiad Challenges Result


  • Teachers try to help in a timely manner if a child cannot cope with assignments. Homework is carefully checked from the point of view of supporting the student. Each child has his own tutor responsible for his education they meet regularly to discuss their progress.
  • Friendliness and respect for the individual. The friendly atmosphere and culture of the colleges allows students to not be afraid to approach the teacher and ask for help if something doesn’t work out. Instead, students are encouraged to seek support.
  • Student welfare is our priority. The most important thing for us is that our students experience self-confidence and inner satisfaction.
  • Thanks to well-organised extracurricular activities, our students develop social skills, leadership, communication, and creativity. Abbey DLD Group of Colleges offer more than 50 types of extracurricular activities to ensure that all children can find something to suit their interests.

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Abbey DLD Group of Colleges Awards and Achievements

The quality of Abbey DLD schools is confirmed by their awards and prestigious nominations and numerous award wins in the field of education, and recognition of their excellent work by the bodies responsible for inspecting schools.

For example, in spring 2023, Abbey College Manchester was rated ‘DOUBLE EXCELLENT’ by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). The inspector emphasized that the school is very successful in achieving its stated goals for the academic preparation of students and the realisation of their aspirations.

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DLD College London is rated as one of the UK’s most unique and exciting schools: urban, modern, forward-thinking and undeniably strong (Good Schools Guide, June ’22).

Abbey College Cambridge was ranked 7th out of almost 4,000 schools and colleges in the UK for student A-Level results according to the UK Government School comparison service. These figures show how much progress A-Level students have made between the end of Stage 4 and the completion of their A-Level studies, compared with other students in the UK.

The main reason for which people choose to study at an Abbey DLD college is the high quality of education, reliable preparation for entering university and a developed system of student support from the very first day of school.

You can’t go wrong if you choose a school that offers the best in education and admissions.

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The Abbey DLD Group of Colleges

The Abbey DLD Group of Colleges are prestigious boarding schools offering a wide range of British secondary education programs for students from 13 to 21 years old studying Year 9, GSCE, A-Level, BTEC, International Foundation Programmes and Academic English. The Abbey DLD Group of Colleges consist of three independent colleges located in London, Cambridge and Manchester. These educational institutions are for high school students, preparing students for admission to university under an expanded program and preparing for the exam for obtaining an advanced certificate of secondary education, which is necessary for admission to university.

Abbey DLD Group of Colleges have been operating since 1931 and enjoy a well-deserved reputation throughout the world. Over the century-long history of its existence, Abbey DLD has become a sign of high-level education, a base for admission to the best universities and a place where students’ abilities are developed.

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