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Sports in British schools

16th January 24

In the UK, students of senior school age (16 years of age or under on 1 September) are required to take part in at least one hour of physical activity each week through a timed club or PE lesson, in line with UK law for all students.

There are large British boarding schools in rural areas that have their own sports infrastructure – swimming pools and sports grounds. However, often usage can be limited, for example, visiting a swimming pool only under certain conditions.

Schools located in urban areas may not have all the facilities on site but they can freely offer a wide range of sports opportunities. For example, the central location of the Abbey DLD Group of Colleges in London, Cambridge and Manchester is an undeniable advantage as they each have access to modern local sports facilities making a multitude of sports possible in urban environments.  DLD College London even has its own on-site gym and swimming pool in the very heart of London!

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Amongst the colleges, the following sports clubs are in operation: football, badminton, basketball, netball, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, golf, running, dancing. We mainly host football, badminton, netball and basketball matches against local schools.

Sports in our schools are represented but not to the detriment of basic activities. Successfully studying, especially in A-Level and GSCE programs, and combining intensive sports activities with this can be difficult for some students. Therefore, in our schools the main emphasis is on academic results, and there is a balanced extracurricular activity, one of the components of which is sports.

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The Abbey DLD Group of Colleges

The Abbey DLD Group of Colleges are prestigious boarding schools offering a wide range of British secondary education programs for students from 13 to 21 years old studying Year 9, GSCE, A-Level, BTEC, International Foundation Programmes and Academic English. The Abbey DLD Group of Colleges consist of three independent colleges located in London, Cambridge and Manchester. These educational institutions are for high school students, preparing students for admission to university under an expanded program and preparing for the exam for obtaining an advanced certificate of secondary education, which is necessary for admission to university.

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Abbey DLD Group of Colleges have been operating since 1931 and enjoy a well-deserved reputation throughout the world. Over the century-long history of its existence, Abbey DLD has become a sign of high-level education, a base for admission to the best universities and a place where students’ abilities are developed.

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