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Why do students go to Abbey DLD colleges?

16th January 24

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The main reason why people study in one of the Abbey DLD Group of Colleges is down to the high quality of our education, the reliable preparation for entering university and a developed system of student support from the very first day of schooling.

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Our Independent Schools Strategy

  1. Primary emphasis on academic achievement – our colleges do everything possible to prepare for successful university admission. It is very important that students study subjects in greater depth than on the syllabus and we support students with extended reading and activities.
  2. Active participation in subject Olympiads is an important part of our strategy. These events stimulate in-depth study of the discipline, form an active life position and allow students to express themselves.
  3. Individual approach and plan of work and study for each student, taking into account their abilities. Without planning, there will be no success; learning cannot be left to chance. That’s why we have a plan for every student!
  4. Continuous performance assessments. Students receive specific recommendations, around which all the necessary educational work is built.
  5. A high level of trust and mutual respect is important for our students. They are treated as young adults without strict discipline.
  6. Teachers offer timely support if the student is struggling. Homework is carefully reviewed specifically from the point of view of supporting the student. Each child has his own tutor responsible for his education and they meet regularly to discuss progress.
  7. Friendliness and respect for the individual. Students learn in a calm environment and the friendly atmosphere of the colleges means they are not afraid to approach the teacher and ask for help if needed. Instead, students are encouraged to seek support.
  8. Student welfare is our priority. For us, the most important thing is that our students are happy, self-confident and satisfied.
  9. Through well-organized extracurricular activities, our students develop social skills, leadership, communication, and creativity.
  10. The quality of Abbey DLD Group of Colleges is confirmed by their awards and prestigious nominations in the field of education in recognition of their excellent work and also by their excellent inspection reports.

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