Students relaxing In the common room at Abbey College Cambridge

Abbey DLD Group of Colleges Excels in A-Level Results Despite Changing Grading Landscape.

17th August 23

Students Walk Across The Courtyard Between Lessons At Abbey College Cambridge

The Abbey DLD Group of Colleges have once again achieved a strong set of 2023 A-Level results that outperform the English national A-Level grade average. The Abbey DLD Group of Colleges comprises Abbey College Cambridge, DLD College London, and Abbey College Manchester.

Abbey DLD Group of Colleges A-Level Results 2023.

A* A*-A A*-B A*-C Overall Pass Rate
Abbey College Cambridge 25% 55% 81% 93% 100%
DLD College London 10% 27% 58% 78% 98%
Abbey College Manchester 10.1% 24.1% 57% 81% 97.5%
National Average (England) 8.6% 26.5% 52.7% 75.4% 97.2%


The recently released A-Level grade comparison, which takes into account the English national average, highlights the strong performance of Abbey DLD students across all three colleges. Particularly noteworthy is Abbey College Cambridge, which boasts an impressive 25% A* grades. This accomplishment underscores the institution’s dedication to nurturing and developing top-tier academic talent. It is a testament to the dedicated efforts of both students and teachers who diligently pursue academic excellence.


DLD College London has also made a significant mark in this year’s results, with an impressive 27% of students achieving A*-A grades. This achievement is a reflection of the college’s commitment to providing a stimulating academic environment that empowers students to unlock their full potential. The college’s exceptional overall pass rate of 98% stands as a testament to the collective determination of both students and faculty members.


Abbey College Manchester, has showcased its dedication to scholastic achievement by attaining an A*-C rate of 81%. This accomplishment significantly surpasses the national average of 75.4%. The college’s comprehensive approach to education, which combines rigorous academics with a supportive atmosphere, has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in attaining this commendable achievement.


This year’s achievements of Abbey DLD Group of Colleges students are celebrated in a broader context of declining A Level grades nationally. This year exams in England returned to pre-pandemic grading standards of 2019, resulting in fewer top grades being awarded this year. This shift comes after the more lenient grading system adopted during the pandemic-induced disruptions, which led to higher GCSE grades.

As our colleges celebrate their students’ achievements and navigate the evolving grading landscape, they also acknowledge the collective endeavour that has brought them to this point. With an unwavering commitment to providing top-notch education, the Abbey DLD Group of Colleges looks forward to a future filled with even greater accomplishments and an enduring legacy of excellence. The group’s success in the recent A-Level examinations emphasises the significance of fostering an environment that challenges and supports learning. The Abbey DLD Group of Colleges continues to empower students, enabling them to evolve into future leaders, critical thinkers, and valuable contributors to society.